Music download

February 28, 2009



I think it is important to note that there is a mistake in the assertion of the column, yes, some music downloaded from the Internet, some pictures taken from the Internet, some texts downloaded from the Internet are illegal, they do not respect the legal framework of copyright, but this can not be a general assertion. Some of us believe that a culture of sharing is possible, and to support it there are legal remedies as the so called free licences, but we must also think of “legal exceptions”, “public domain” and many other aspects of cultural content that should remain outside that legal framework, but we might come back to this soon.

When I research an article, I normally send 30 or so emails to friends and acquaintances asking for opinions and anecdotes. I usually receive 10-20 in reply. But not so on this subject! I sent 36 emails requesting opinions and facts on free music downloading from the Net. I stated that I planned to adopt the viewpoint of devil’s advocate: free Internet downloads are good for the music industry and its artists.


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